Rare Photos of Ibiza Club Culture in the 80′s. A Retrospective Exhibit by the ICA.

Depending on how old you are have you ever wondered what some of the best clubs and parties were like 20+ years ago? Well the Institute of Contemporary Art in London has launched the new exhibit Ibiza: Moments In Love which gives you an insider look into the White Isle scene in the 80′s. The ICA exhibit highlights the art, fashion and music of the emerging dance culture scene on the island.

From the website:

The exhibition highlights the work of two great and almost completely unheralded visual artists. Yves Uro was the freehand illustrator and graphic artist of hundreds of posters for Ku. Armin Heinemann was the owner of Paula’s Ibiza, a maverick fashion boutique based on the island. Uro and Heinemann’s work was world class but created solely for local purposes. It has rarely been exhibited before.

The exhibition also features a set of previously unpublished pictures by the British photographer Derek Ridgers taken at Ku in 1984. Curated by IDEA Books with the support of 2manydjs and the Wild Life Archive.

Check out some photos from the exhibit on the next page and see how it was to party in Ibiza in the 80′s!


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Enter Julian Jordan – This ‘Rock Steady’ Artist Will Have You Bouncing

Julian Jordan

Julian Jordan. Here we go. Signed at the age of 16 to Spinnin’ records, Jordan burst onto the big stage this year and there’s no stopping him. Hailing from The Netherlands, you may know him from his collaboration with Sander van Doorn on the massive hit ‘Kangaroo’. You may also know him from his recent track, ‘BFAM’ with Martin Garrix. Or you know him because he’s throwing down some of the latest and greatest electro and big progressive tracks right now. The fact that he’s touring and opening for fellow Dutchman and legend Sander van Doorn should tell you something. Julian Jordan is starting to make waves.

julian j

Beatdrop was there when he opened for SVD at the Electric Brixton. He bounced across a variety of genres with big house and electro anthems smashing into them. His set opened up with trance, then we hit a pop theme for awhile, dishing out ‘Locked out of Heaven’ with Bruno Mars as an example, and some other mainstream hits, albeit with huge beats on them. Then he hit some big progressive house and electro for the final 30 minutes of his set. The journey  led us to become more and more engaged, and he brought us on great buildup right before SVD.

Julian Jordan’s style bouncing almost fanatically between genres at first early on had Beatdrop questioning it’s sanity, but trusting his intention and method. As his set carried on momentum grew, genre transitions worked well, and we were all bouncing hard, heavy and with hands in the air. Julian had us engaged as he injected big builds allover the place…and HUGE beat DROPS.

Hats off the Julian Jordan, he brought the crowd just to where it needed to be, psyched and pumped up out of their mind for his set and the one to follow with Sander van Doorn!

We also gotta tell you that Julian launched his own radio show this year called ‘Rock Steady’. Check it out below, as well as some favorites.


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Track of the Day – Cyril Hahn ‘Say My Name’


A song that has spanned the world since the early summer. It’s strong, haunting, yet simple and endearing. No matter where you are, who you are, or what you are going through. Droppin’ a track like this can change your state of mind for the better. It rolls along with smooth power that still keeps it humble, introspective and real. Press play and let’s hang out…

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The Mighty Noise of Boys Noize


Beatdrop has had the pleasure of seeing Boys Noize, (Alexander Ridha), live three times in the past year. First, we saw him at XOYO in London, where the cavernous brick-laden basement turned into a proper fog infested sweat dripping intimate throw down. Then we saw him at Parklife Festival inside the Mustard Tent where he brought us a lot of his latest from his EP and clearly was the best final gig to see of the festival. He turned that tent into an amazing environment that had all us ravers grabbing all that we could. Pyro, fog, flames, and HUGE beat drops. Need we say more?

Beatdrop was at Fabric last night to see him in the infamous Room One. Yes, the infamous Room One at Fabric. If you haven’t partied and experienced a live set in Room One, you are missing out. It has the first of its kind vibrating floor. Officially called a “bodysonic” dancefloor. Sections of the floor are attached to 400 bass transducers emitting bass frequencies of the music being played. Therefore your entire body head-to-toe feels every pulse and gyration the DJ wants you to feel. Quite simply its a full body music orgasm machine.

It was one hell of an experience to see Boys Noize throw it down hard inside Room One and an experience that we are sure to visit again next time he plays at Fabric. Now enjoy some of our latest favorites and remixes from Ridha, and hear the NOIZE!



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Diplo’s New EP Hits #1 on iTunes in One Day


Diplo’s highly anticipated EP ‘Revolution’, dropped yesterday and is already exploding on the charts. The Mad Decent DJ is enjoying a whirlwind of attention for his heavily awaited album.

This EP features six tracks and leverages a variety of producers, including Mike Posner, Angger Dimas, Travis Porter, Faustix, Kait, Imanos, RiFF RaFF, Nicky Da B and more. It is also backed by the Mad Decent label, its huge fan base, and major producers like Dillon Francis and Major Lazer.

BBC Radio 1XTRA program ‘Diplo and Friends’ previewed these tracks in his two most recent sets before the release.

artworks-000059580786-6ife61-t500x500The EP begins with ‘Biggie Bounce’, with Anger Dimas and Travis Porter adding vocals, with some high-octane hip-hop that separates this remix from the rest. The center track of the album, ‘Revolution’ is injected with snares and backed up by deep vocals, the remix features Boaz Van De Beatz. Hip-hop also carries through much of the album, with Mike Posner and Riff Raff collaborating on ‘Crown’, and a rap battle ensues on ‘Rock Steady’ between Action Bronson, Nicky B and others.

Listen to the album below on Soundcloud or head on over to iTunes and buy it HERE.

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Release: The Wanted – ‘We Own The Night’ (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Chainsmokers Remix

The Chainsmokers relentlessly bring us the freshest tracks and remixes and they’ve got a new release for you today. Listen to The Wanted – We Own The Night (Chainsmokers Remix)!

Here’s what the Chainsmokers have to say about their inspiration for the song. “So we generally do remixes for more alternative artists, but we saw this as a great opportunity to work with a band thats impression reaches far beyond the areas we previously had worked because truth be told, we make music because we love to and we want it to be heard by as many ppl as possible. That being said, we never ever want to sacrifice our sound, but we didn’t have to, The Wanted served up a great track (yes we know, how many ppl can actually own or run the night, too many apparently) but we heard the original and its pieces and thought we could create a song full of positive energy, like a chewable vitamins this remix goes down easy and is good for you too.”

Purchase it at Beatport HERE

You can also stream above on Soundcloud.

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72 Hours of Straight Madness: Schedule And Grounds Map out for TomorrowWorld

TW Map



The full set schedule and festival ground map is out for TomorrowWorld. The big event is 90%+ sold out and is sure to pack a punch. 80 sets on Friday, 93 sets on Saturday, 72 sets on Sunday across eight stages. Live sets are running 24 hours a day on the main stage along with stellar lineups and extended sets across the remaining. Get ready to pack your gear, your chargers, your tents, your water and your dancing shoes, TomorrowWorld kicks off in 5 days!

Below is the full set schedule and opening hours. READ MORE…

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‘True’: Avicii’s Genre-Defying Album [Beatdrop Review]

True - Avicii

Avicii’s first ever full-length album, True, has landed. It wasn’t that long ago in March when he debuted his single ‘Wake Me Up’ at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, as the first taste of this album. What he didn’t expect then was the unexpected head scratching and even hating he received when he introduced it, backed with banjos and bluegrass beats. While some fans loved it, others hated on it and described it as not being electronic dance music. Fast-forward a few months and ‘Wake Me Up’ has become one of the biggest hits in the world that people of all music preferences enjoy.

kjkjkWhile there is still arguments about the genre that this album falls into, Avicii has said himself, it’s electronic, incorporated with other great stuff. In an exciting change perhaps from the typical beats we hear in house music, the album pushes the limits of what electronic music is by definition (if there is one), incorporating a wide array of pop and folk singers, a guitar legend (Nile Rodgers) with a lot of acoustic guitar, not to mention singers with soulful voices like Aloe Blacc, and rock-star vocal powers like Adam Lambert. READ MORE…

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